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From Basement to Storefront!

In 2019, not long after meeting my now-husband, I was quickly burning out of the nursing profession. After several years in the ICU and ER, I was ready for change. John had finished 12 years of active duty in the Army and had four deployments under his belt - two to Afghanistan and two to Iraq. I was nearly done with a Nurse Practitioner program, but becoming more disenchanted with the field each day. I found myself ruminating about how much a lifestyle change would improve my patient’s lives and those around me. 

Fueled by passion and a desire for change, my husband and I then embarked on a journey that would lead us to the heart of the juicing world! At the time, we were living in Washington state and I had found a used Goodnature juicer CT-7 and Sammic emulsifier in San Francisco on eBay. 

Our adventure began with a 12 hour road trip to San Francisco to pick up the Goodnature juicer and Sammic emulsifier. Back in our basement, we experimented tirelessly, blending flavors and perfecting recipes. Amidst the whirlwind of recipe testing, we also took on the task of creating a brand that would capture the essence of our vision. From designing a logo that spoke to our dedication to freshness and health, to shaping an idea that resonated with our community, every detail mattered as we forged ahead.

Six months later, we purchased a food truck, and moved with it to the Bay Area in California. I was about 7 months pregnant with our daughter when we finally opened due to all the licensing red tape.  When our daughter was a few months old, COVID-19 was shutting the state down and fires in California had turned the air red.  We parked the food truck, John took his baby bonding time and we drove east on what would be a several-month road trip with our newborn. 

We had intended to move to Colorado, but when we arrived it just didn’t “feel” right. John is from Mississippi, so suggested we head south and check out Texas. We fell in love almost immediately, and quickly thereafter had our food truck transported over. We were open for several months before my son was born and my recovery left us parking the truck again. Not long after, we opened the doors to our very own juicery store inside of a food hall in Waco, TX. Here, amidst the warm embrace of the community, our vision flourished as we shared our love for health and wellness, one cold-pressed juice, acai bowl, and smoothie at a time.

Today, as we reflect on our journey, we stand on the cusp of a new chapter. With the support of our loyal customers and the unwavering dedication of our team, we are excited to announce our search for a larger storefront closer to home. This next step is not just about expansion but about bringing our community closer to the vibrant, nourishing flavors that define our juicery!

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